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fire crackles in the stove
it yields a thousand scents
the smell of last night’s paper plates
and the memory of now hot beans
paper burns a spicy sweet
split wood burns with heavy sap
crack and crinkle goes the flame
dancing to the ghosts and the breathing
see now how the fire is spreading
a little sour within the spice and sweet
it speaks of musk and hickory
as flames lick up on hard wood
not a glutton but a paunchy connoisseur
the fire saves the best for last
a kiss of flame up under bark
which the kindling could never yield
but tender is the fire here to burn
she feels quite judged by the air
so here she draws back from the log
to dwell in shyness with the chaff
gaining courage in her hunger
the fire looks back to hardened wood
no longer held by old convention
the fire starts her campaign now
:iconseaxwulf:Seaxwulf 0 7
the madman is cutting ribbons out of meat
he’s in the dark with his knife all aglow
snip and cut, a chip and a chop
ooh, ooh my goodness me
what a tasty recipe
what’s for dinner?
life is what’s for dinner
cannibal creations!
lick your lips
lick them good
tasty treats are made of meat
wir mussen leben bis wir sterben
delicious, chewy, made of me and you
sinew, strings, spit and sperm
rotating round and round under jaw
lovely snacks taste like skin
beasts in fields and birds of air
they all come tumbling down
and settle in your gut
where the mucous glands are grown
it’s like a soup inside your skin
broth of blood with chunks of man and mer
gobs of fat and viscous veins like pasta strands
all within an oven burning itself out
yummy, yummy in the tummy
slime and decaying flesh make for bubbling cauldrons
acid grinds beneath the flesh, a feckless faecal factory
dancing screams are made just beneath the surface
and if you see like me this sickening sin
go ahead and ru
:iconseaxwulf:Seaxwulf 1 7
Waterfront, Portland Maine by Seaxwulf Waterfront, Portland Maine :iconseaxwulf:Seaxwulf 0 1 Waterfront, Portland Maine by Seaxwulf Waterfront, Portland Maine :iconseaxwulf:Seaxwulf 1 0 Waterfront, Portland Maine by Seaxwulf Waterfront, Portland Maine :iconseaxwulf:Seaxwulf 0 3 Coast Guard Station, Portland Maine by Seaxwulf Coast Guard Station, Portland Maine :iconseaxwulf:Seaxwulf 0 0 Gorham, Main Street Cemetary, Maine by Seaxwulf Gorham, Main Street Cemetary, Maine :iconseaxwulf:Seaxwulf 1 5 Gorham, Main Street Cemetary, Maine by Seaxwulf Gorham, Main Street Cemetary, Maine :iconseaxwulf:Seaxwulf 0 7

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Paulus Carolus Maurus
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

You may call me Seaxwulf. Or if you like (and I like you) my day-walker’s name is Paul. I am many things. The I which addresses you does so in his capacity as an internet personality. A very focused lens reflecting my love and adoration of things European. Very specific is my love of Teutonic culture, from which I am proudly extracted. Not to the detriment, but deference, of other European ethnicities.

I am a Folkish Heathen. I have sympathies with the New Right, as it is called. But because we live in a world fraught with a plethora of labels, it is easier to say I think of myself as championing the Pro-Europid cause. For all you nincompoops who like to complain; pro-this does not necessarily equate anti-that. Not in my case, anyway. It, however, necessitates involvement with identitarian politick, but don’t let that bother your pretty little head. I’d never hurt a fly that didn’t buzz too loudly in my ear. I am also a Mainer, a proud Yankee Blueblood who wishes to carry on in his own version of the W.A.S.P tradition. My own brand being that of the White, Anglo-Saxon Pagan.

In that way I am a patriot. New England, my beloved homeland, comes from the work of my forefathers. The eldest of whom can be traced to the old Fatherlands of Denmark and Germany from whence they spread out, leaving landmarks in Flanders and England before sending shoots to Ireland, Scotland and then New England. That is where I come in, the work of their hands.

But this is a business oriented time. You want to know what you can get from me. This is fair. I offer you insight. Insight through drawing, sketching, poetry, essays, and the odd tale or anecdote (a perennial Maine favourite.) I deal in spiritual themes, mythological, theoretical: the speculative sciences. I adore folklore. I flirt with controversy like a terse mistress. I also have a selection of photography reflecting my lovely land and those other places to where I have travelled in my day.

In return and pending your gracious approval, I would ask in return for what I give you a small boon in return. I have two goals in life: the promotion of a bright, and wonderful realisation of the Occidental spirit which has grown rotten and spoilt in modernity’s wake… and to continue in the Philosopher’s vein, like Socrates’ Gadfly, and make think those whom I encounter. For my efforts, I prefer my intellectual soul be stimulated. So. Drop me a line, I’ll give a pocket full of ha-pennies for your thoughts.



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SirDCC Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Many Americans are of European stock and therefore have every right to the Gods of their forefathers.
I am an
Anglo-Saxon heathen but unlike you I understand the concept of ancestor worship as any real follower of the old gods does.

Political views of a person have nothing what so ever to do with their worship, be it left or right. The fact you point out that Seaxwulf may be a Nationalist simply tells me this is why you try and deny him his true heritage.
scrum289 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017
You are American, therefore European culture and heritage is no more yours than it is anyone else's not born or living on European soil. Your world view is shaped by contemporary American society and culture. Being American and claiming to be s folkish heathen is a contradiction, it's like an Iranian claiming to be a folkish heathen. As a proud Anglo-Saxon heathen, we don't want American Nationalists appropriating our beliefs and heritage.
Iglybo Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016
Happy Birthday Birthday cake  icon 
Kajm Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Happy Birthday!
Arminius1871 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2015
Happy birthday^^
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