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Paulus Carolus Maurus
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You may call me Seaxwulf. Or if you like (and I like you) my day-walker’s name is Paul. I am many things. The I which addresses you does so in his capacity as an internet personality. A very focused lens reflecting my love and adoration of things European. Very specific is my love of Teutonic culture, from which I am proudly extracted. Not to the detriment, but deference, of other European ethnicities.

I am a Folkish Heathen. I have sympathies with the New Right, as it is called. But because we live in a world fraught with a plethora of labels, it is easier to say I think of myself as championing the Pro-Europid cause. For all you nincompoops who like to complain; pro-this does not necessarily equate anti-that. Not in my case, anyway. It, however, necessitates involvement with identitarian politick, but don’t let that bother your pretty little head. I’d never hurt a fly that didn’t buzz too loudly in my ear. I am also a Mainer, a proud Yankee Blueblood who wishes to carry on in his own version of the W.A.S.P tradition. My own brand being that of the White, Anglo-Saxon Pagan.

In that way I am a patriot. New England, my beloved homeland, comes from the work of my forefathers. The eldest of whom can be traced to the old Fatherlands of Denmark and Germany from whence they spread out, leaving landmarks in Flanders and England before sending shoots to Ireland, Scotland and then New England. That is where I come in, the work of their hands.

But this is a business oriented time. You want to know what you can get from me. This is fair. I offer you insight. Insight through drawing, sketching, poetry, essays, and the odd tale or anecdote (a perennial Maine favourite.) I deal in spiritual themes, mythological, theoretical: the speculative sciences. I adore folklore. I flirt with controversy like a terse mistress. I also have a selection of photography reflecting my lovely land and those other places to where I have travelled in my day.

In return and pending your gracious approval, I would ask in return for what I give you a small boon in return. I have two goals in life: the promotion of a bright, and wonderful realisation of the Occidental spirit which has grown rotten and spoilt in modernity’s wake… and to continue in the Philosopher’s vein, like Socrates’ Gadfly, and make think those whom I encounter. For my efforts, I prefer my intellectual soul be stimulated. So. Drop me a line, I’ll give a pocket full of ha-pennies for your thoughts.

I like spiritual things. No surprises there. I think life is bullshit without *some* spiritual nexus. The more purposeful the better. My spirituality (Blood and Soil) has recently expanded to include Astrology. Thus bringing me one step closer to becoming the irony filled walking sack of contradictions I always knew I'd be.

So Whitey Mainer went to the Flea Market over in Pride's Corner the other day. (Operative term being other, this was a couple months back now.) And I bought a statue of Mars, but I also bought a Greek vase and some incense. The Incense was an Indian export complete with a mandatorily embarrassing spelling error. (I am part house. Not horse. House. Maybe it's a sign, because in the ladies I do like a little "brick house.")

I've done research since, philtred through a few books. Annoyed a few strangers. (My fetish for philosophising unwitting and usually unwilling strangers i.e. "brain rape" was in there.)

It's funny. A lot of it is a case of fair observation, some of it is spot on, and a bit is dite and a mite of shite. But here's what sticks.

My ruling Planet is Jupiter (Tiwaz Piter, the Father God. Jupiter being his Roman guise.)

My animal is the Deer. Really, Sherlock? Whitey Mainer reporting for duty, he done seen his Deeyah.

My element is Fire. I refuse electric lighting in my house (and hate when people reach for those fucking switches) and rely on Candle and woodstove light to get by.

Masculinity is one of my "qualities." Need I say more?

My day is Thursday. I'd have preferred Thursday, but there is one way in which I make a better Thorsman than Odinsman. While I am unhappy without knowledge, I am not content with knowledge for its own sake - nice though it is - I need to apply it to a moral cause.

My focused body parts are the thighs, hips and liver. This makes sense. When I meet a woman for the first time I do a number of things. I make her laugh to see if she has a healthy, womanly, mothering laugh. I also take stock of her waist: does she have child-rearing hips? Does she eat well? As for the liver... well, I did go through a dark, existential phase in my life where I tried to save some unsalvageable people from themselves and I drank more than any man should... so I have a secret fear that this year or so of heavy drinking will give me premature age spots.

I read somewhere I belong to the Ninth House. I don't know what that means, but 9 is my favourite number because it is the Number of the God Woden, my favourite, who here is represented by a trinity of trinities, a spiralling of philosophical excellence.

In others I should seek... some stuff. Frankly, I'd be happy with a woman that likes to think and makes me think. I don't give two thirds a flying f*** what her sign is. As long as we can raise an army of smiling lily White babies with good values and a sense of spirit, I will die a man happier than Obama, Bush and Stalin in a room full of remote controlled doomsday weapons. So. Yeah. In the batshit unlikely chance there are some thoughtful Pagan Ladies up here in Southern Maine, hit me up. I know you're out there. Lurking. Like Coon Cats and Deers.

My traits, according to the stuff I've read are that I'm: restless, inquisitive, philosophical, driven, witty, sharp, a seeker of community, less than practical, keeping my head in the clouds and unhappy without new knowledge.

I am now quite comfortable with calling myself a Sagittarius. Besides. I get to be half a house and shoot my bow at the stars. Just like the Federal Government.
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