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Waes Hael!

You may call me Seaxwulf. Or if you like (and I like you) my name is Paul. I am a new W.A.S.P, that is, I’m a straight, White Anglo-Saxon Pagan. Actually, I prefer the term Heathen, but that would’ve ruined the fun pun. I enjoy wordplay and it grieves me awful sore to see how the lexicological arts have degraded in the rotten wake of degenerate modernity.

I am an Ethnonationalist, and my legacy will stem from this worldview. But don’t be fooled, that’s not all I am. I’m also looking for love, discovering optimism, and obsessed with creating what a former professor once labelled a “community of culture.” In that vein, I am a proud New Englander who is concerned with the break-down of civilisation and the invasion of his land with foreign elements both actual and metaphorical. With my tongue in cheek I invite you to call me your “Friendly Neighbourhod Fascist.”

I am a Nordicist and general Teutonic enthusiast who waxes Hellenic and has two overarching vices: choice liquor and nature worship – they both leave me speechless. Some of my little vices that don’t leave me speechless; romanticism, transcendentalism, being a wakeful dreamer and “looking.” One of the things I look for is the illusive “Root” of the world-tree, that is, where the various Indo-European branches of Yggdrasil ran backward into the foggy Aryan dew of history. Those are some of my basic character traits. There are others, you can look for them if you please.

Now for the business oriented and patient: what can you expect from this, one of my little corners of the interwebs? Poetry, mostly, essay work when the Spirits move me, miscellaneous existential musings and the odd sketch and drawing. And since I do myself have a business streak, here’s what I would like from you. Stimulate me. The major reason I am here is to fulfil my life’s goal of becoming like Socrates’ Gadfly. I like to poke, prod, provoke and elicit thought – in return I want to be made to think. So with that, go ahead: intrigue me.

Paulus Saxo Lupus,
For years I've been saying it. Even the broken record has started complaining. "They can't keep me here forever." Now it's finally coming true. Monday is some "holiday" or other. Tuesday is my first day. First day of the last few months of thinly veiled civility.

Now I have to dig up my monkey pants and wear a shirt. I haven't worn a regular shirt since Construction business took my summer over. But whatever. I look good in plaid, and now that my hair is longish I can blend in with the hipsters and subsequently blow their minds when it's revealed I don't care for popular fads and political correctness.

Fall has come early. I felt the change on the winds a few days ago, but this morning it was in my bones. Me and my folks' crops came in well. My cabbage is good, as well as my berries and my entirely unexpected perennial pumpkin/squash mutants that erupted from the compost a decade ago and trade places every year with vacant patches of soil. Apples didn't take the Summer well, we've only got a couple halves of trees worth, but it's enough for sauce between the two houses.

A few personal firsts have occurred in my life these last couple weeks. A Chinese lady confused me for White Jesus the other day... so I changed her soy-sauce into Mead and cured her Yellow Fever after I taught her how to walk on snow while reciting the Lord's Prayer in Old English. Hey. It beats the time some Protestants in Guatemala pegged me for a White Devil and set me up to be fondled by a Michael Jackson impersonating clown when I was still a church-goer. (Ironically, they were fine with me when I went back as a Pagan the next year.) Went to the Flea Market today where I've officially reached 'regular' status with a few of the vendors. I got some Saggitarian Incense for a buck and a beautiful Madonna (the Catholic Saint, not Hollywood Whore) lamp. Now this, friends, was a fine example of Maine haggling. Crazy (charming) old Catholic lady from Away wants to off all her stuff, sells it for next to nothing. The lamp was 55 bucks originally, I scored it for 20. Old, Catholic lamp. From way back before Catholic art became flat, boring and... well... modern. Blonde, Venusian Madonna - could've been a Viking Mama... and blonde, vaguely effeminate Jesus... ah, those were the days I was born too late to see.

Later on a neighbour had a yard-sale. Bought me a co2 gun for to practise shoot with. My plan is to learn accuracy and then invest in a firearm for home defence before owning a gun is banned and our Amendments are amended into oblivion. I had a nice chat with my next-door neighbour. I played with their son as a boy. He's grown up. So is their daughter. She's now a cute young lass, charming. Which makes me feel like a revolting creeper because it feels like yesterday that she was in a bloody baby carriage and her older brother still had a Tonka truck. I also found a book called Anam Cara which I've had my eye on for ages  now, pegged it for a pair of quarters alongside a collection of Irish Bagpipe ballads. Cool beans.

I'm also learning how to turn slipshod online correspondences into actual, real life (unless reality turns out to be fake like everything else) relationships. Huzzah! Maybe now I won't die a prematurely aged, drunken spinster! Ha-ha! I love optimism. Almost as much as Rum and cultural documentaries. As much as I dread going back to College, I will make the best of it. I will destroy my inner negativity, just like I waged war with the mouse that broke into my house and breathed on me while I was sleeping. Yes. Like Saint Paul declared war on Death, Antisanctus Paulus will wage war on pessimism... so with that, let's drink to irony. And hopefully, everything is well with all you bored enough to have read this far.
  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: Renegade Roundtable
  • Reading: The Armanen
  • Watching: Beowulf
  • Playing: Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
  • Eating: Cherry Greek Yogurt
  • Drinking: Kraken Rum

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davidfriedrich Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
Thank you for the watch of the group ;)
achaley Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the Fave, and can you explain your political ideology the above is all greek to me LOL
Seaxwulf Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome. For me, and everyone is different, Nationalism is a cultural concern. For me. I don't have the brain for realpolitik, but I love culture. In effect, I am concerned that the Western World - built by and comprising Europeans, is taking a definitive plummet. The whys and hows are debatable, but a great many things are involved. We're concerned with loss of culture, loss of pride and loss of face of the various European Nationalities.

But problems are pissy, ideally, our aim is to make Europeans proud of their heritage again. My own belief is if your average European... or White, if you want to boil it down to real basic terms, had a self awareness of his culture, a pride and embrace of it, than a lot of his negativity would disappear. As it stands, our beautiful culture(s) have been replaced by a nasty globalist media. We've lost touch with our history, and that makes it hard to understand the present. We are no longer trying to be the best "us" that we can be. That and when you get a void persona, and hold it long enough, it tends to suck everything around it up like a vortex. Kind of like the nastiness of Weimar Germany and the deculturalisation that occurred there. I think this explains a lot of the international problems and unnecessary wars we've seen in more recent years.

I hope that explains a few things. I never really think it's complicated until I have to explain it. I'll answer other questions if there are any that I can efficiently answer.
achaley Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmmm So you mean your pro European culture but not pro racial purity am i correct.?

P.S. I dont judge people for their ideologies as long as they are not hurting anyone or themselves, but i do seek a understanding of all view points even if they are different from my own.
Seaxwulf Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I do not believe racial purity is technically possible. A general contingency of ethnographic isolation is, and we see that reflected in things like state borders which have proven decent articulators of culture. Cultural perfectionism is also possible. By that, I mean those of a like mind striving together to make the best legacy they can for their offspring. If we're going to be honest, the European tribes all originate from a relative source, the so-called Aryan. The Aryan is gone, but we are here.

Racially, I am Anglo-Saxon. What is that? A hyphenated race. But I think we're a pretty neat bunch, and I think we should be here in a few hundred years to continue being pretty neat. Just as I would like their to be Germans, Swedes, Slavs, Danes, Greeks, Russians and what have you.

I know the nasty stereotype. Not all Nationalists want to lord it over the planet. Truth be told a lot of us simply want what the other races have been granted, which is the right to self-definition. I am not anti-anyone. I'm an anti-globalist because globalism is a thing which can destroy culture.

P.S. Don't worry, Bud. We worry too much about judging. You've been wonderfully polite. I've no problem discussing civil matters with folks, I'm just too tired to wage ideological warfare. And it's a noble thing, too, to ask questions, especially where I know my political swerve is less than popular these days.
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