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Paulus Carolus Maurus
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You may call me Seaxwulf. Or if you like (and I like you) my day-walker’s name is Paul. I am many things. The I which addresses you does so in his capacity as an internet personality. A very focused lens reflecting my love and adoration of things European. Very specific is my love of Teutonic culture, from which I am proudly extracted. Not to the detriment, but deference, of other European ethnicities.

I am a Folkish Heathen. I have sympathies with the New Right, as it is called. But because we live in a world fraught with a plethora of labels, it is easier to say I think of myself as championing the Pro-Europid cause. For all you nincompoops who like to complain; pro-this does not necessarily equate anti-that. Not in my case, anyway. It, however, necessitates involvement with identitarian politick, but don’t let that bother your pretty little head. I’d never hurt a fly that didn’t buzz too loudly in my ear. I am also a Mainer, a proud Yankee Blueblood who wishes to carry on in his own version of the W.A.S.P tradition. My own brand being that of the White, Anglo-Saxon Pagan.

In that way I am a patriot. New England, my beloved homeland, comes from the work of my forefathers. The eldest of whom can be traced to the old Fatherlands of Denmark and Germany from whence they spread out, leaving landmarks in Flanders and England before sending shoots to Ireland, Scotland and then New England. That is where I come in, the work of their hands.

But this is a business oriented time. You want to know what you can get from me. This is fair. I offer you insight. Insight through drawing, sketching, poetry, essays, and the odd tale or anecdote (a perennial Maine favourite.) I deal in spiritual themes, mythological, theoretical: the speculative sciences. I adore folklore. I flirt with controversy like a terse mistress. I also have a selection of photography reflecting my lovely land and those other places to where I have travelled in my day.

In return and pending your gracious approval, I would ask in return for what I give you a small boon in return. I have two goals in life: the promotion of a bright, and wonderful realisation of the Occidental spirit which has grown rotten and spoilt in modernity’s wake… and to continue in the Philosopher’s vein, like Socrates’ Gadfly, and make think those whom I encounter. For my efforts, I prefer my intellectual soul be stimulated. So. Drop me a line, I’ll give a pocket full of ha-pennies for your thoughts.

I normally don't do more than one Journal a week or so, but this warrants it. Before I jump ship and go collect my Unwashed Shaman Friend for to go to the Fryeburg Fair tomorrow...

I was running errands today and happened to notice my gas tank was near empty. I stopped at the "Big Apple." There I was, pumping gas, my hair all heroically blowing in the wind, solving the mysteries of the universe and all that, when I hear this frail little voice. Instinctively I sought it out, the voice belonged to a tiny old woman. "Do you know how this works?" she asked me.

"The pump?" I answered dubiously.

A nod. She as having trouble with her card. I squinted and noted that she was attempting to insert the card upside down. She was clearly confused, as she told me thereafter. "I'm not even sure where I am." I nodded quietly. "May I?" and I turned her card over and guided her hand where it needed to go.

"Can I pump now?"

I nodded.

And she tried to pump gas back into the pump. Luckily she had not actually paid. I showed her that she had to pump the gas into her car for it to work. She did not know how to disengage her gascap. Worse for her was that she had parked too far from the pump, by an inch. I helped guide her forward, where she nearly hit my truck in front of her. Her husband was in the car, shrinking into his own withered shoulders as he played geriatric charades as if she could hear. I got her through it, but... She was still having trouble pumping. She could not wrap her hand around the trigger.

This went on for some twenty minutes before, finally, she was ready. By that time, the machine had already cancelled her transaction due to inactivity. By now I was worried. So I excused myself, promised to return quickly and with experts. I went to summon the surly desk clerk. I told her the M.O. and moved on down the line after wishing the poor old lady adieux and apologising that I had not been of greater help.

I thought about it as I drove home. The poor old woman. She is the product of another age and society, it seems woefully clear, has largely moved on without her. Either through machination or ignorance. She came from a time when the male worked the pump, and when that failed, gas stations once had attendants back in the hazy days when America cared about her own. Now? Now everything is fast paced, technological, it pretends to be efficient but is not.

It also made me think of traditionalism. Tribalism, my desire to recreate a holistic, localised culture based on people and not on popularity points and gizmos. I thought about conservatism. About the dangers of an ever escalating society that gets away from itself, when technology and "progress" outweigh humanism and clannish loyalty. This was eminently clear by the pampered teens chomping at the bit to get around me as I helped a withered old woman.
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I try. It's important for me that the politically incorrect stick together.

It burns the Government's ass.
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